Losing one of the biggest electric skateboard brands is a huge set back for customers and us as a retailer. The bankruptcy caused support to take a big hit, but don’t worry. Our mission stays the same, keeping the Boosted legacy alive for the upcoming years. Fatdaddy has adapted the following strategy for old and new customers:

Purchased after March 2020?

If you ordered a Boosted product after 1-3-2020, it is part of the liquidation sale. Products and parts are sold at the buyer’s own risk and peril, without warranty against hidden defects.

Vehicles and parts are always brand new and checked for defects before shipping. To make sure you have a working product. We offer a 14 day exchange to support any issues on arrival. Orders are shipped on a weekly schedule from our Amsterdam warehouse via UPS. You receive a tracking code.

If something happens in the future, order our repair service via this link. If you want to repair it yourself, you can always purchase spare parts to keep your vehicle in riding condition. You can always contact us for advice on repairs, our serviceteam is trained by Boosted.

Purchased before March 2020?

For Boosted owners who purchased with Fatdaddy between 1-1-2018 and 1-3-2020, we continue to offer a Carry In Warranty. It is the type of warranty where you ship your board to our repair centre in Denmark. We recommend using UPS Standard as it is very affordable and safe. Include a note with your order number, defects you are facing and contact information.

Fatdaddy Denmark
Vestergade 41
8000 Aarhus

Our warranty on purchases before march 2020 provides free repairs on factory defects. This means failure from a defect in manufacturing. This does not cover batteries, belts and motors as they wear out from normal use of electric skateboards and human errors in handling certain surfaces and maintenance. For short, we do not cover parts that move (motors) or have friction (wheels and bearings). 

If your defect is not covered by warranty, we still got your back. We offer a hefty discount on our repair services and individual parts for boards ordered between 1-1-2018 and 1-3-2020. This includes a discount on both our labour costs, and replacement parts.