On the 13th of December 2018 we are going on a short roadtrip to join our German neighbours, to demonstrate that is. And no it’s not for lower gasoline prices but for the legalisation of electric skateboards / electric transportation in general.

Right now the electric skateboard, electric scooter or PET (short for Personal Electronic Transportation) is illegal on the public roads in most EU countries except for Belgium and Denmark (hence our stores there).

At Fatdaddy we are proud at the safety and massive convenience that the PET gives and we don’t want some folks shutting it down. Yes there are commercial benefits to the legalisation of the electric skateboard and yes we will get a lot of competitors the moment they become legal. But we don’t care. We just want everybody to experience a fun and healthy way of transportation that is also good/better for the environment.

So join us in Berlin together with brands like Mellow Boards, Evolve Skateboards and Onewheel.

We will go there a day before the demonstration and stay one or two days longer. You can join us. If there are enough people coming with us from The Netherlands we will rent a bus.

Oh and before I forget, we will get a police escort during the group-ride, so don’t worry about loosing your board ;-)

Founder and enthusiast at Fatdaddy

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