Why an electric bike is the ideal way of transportation in Amsterdam

The numbers aren’t lying. The last 20 years the usage of bikes in Amsterdam grew with more than 40% resulting in a total of 880.000 bikes (that’s 3x the amount of cars in Amsterdam). The number of tourists using electric bikes to visit places outside of Amsterdam is also growing fast. Making a trip to […]

Best electric skateboard for beginners

There are a lot of different electric skateboards. All with their own perks and features. But which electric skateboard is good for any beginner? And why should you buy a beginner board before playing with the big boys? In this blogpost I will tell you about the best beginner-boards and what the features are. Disclaimer: […]

Elwing Boards throws party at the Darwin Hanger Skate Park

Last Tuesday, the first of the “Apéro Skate” evenings was held at Hanger Darwin, where Elwing has it’s headquarters in France. For the occasion, Elwing Boards took up residence in the iconic Skate House. The CEO , Seb Daurel even took turns at the DJ booth. This party was also a sneak preview of the […]

Help legalise electric skateboards in Berlin

On the 13th of December 2018 we are going on a short roadtrip to join our German neighbours, to demonstrate that is. And no it’s not for lower gasoline prices but for the legalisation of electric skateboards / electric transportation in general. Right now the electric skateboard, electric scooter or PET (short for Personal Electronic […]

Elektrische skateboards gespreid betalen

Het heeft even geduurd maar wij hebben eindelijk de betaalmethode gespreid betalen toegevoegd aan onze betaalmethoden. Je hoeft niet langer het geld voor een Evolve GT All Terrain van €1499 of of Boosted Stealth van €1699 in een keer af te tikken. Nu kan je je betaling gemakkelijk in 12 kleine stapjes doen zodat deze […]

ENERTION x FATDADDY Electric skateboard Groupride through Amsterdam

Today I have some very special news to deliver. Together with Enertion we’ve organised a ride straight through Amsterdam. The ride will be held on the 18th of August starting from Amsterdam Central Station to Vondelpark. With enough participants we will throw in a barbecue at the end. Facebook Event, ESK8.NL Topic Parking Since we are […]

Review of the Elwing Nimbus (E1 500)

Thank you Elwing for sending us the Nimbus your first flagship Electric Skateboard. The specs Nimbus is an electric skateboard for those who love board sports. With a top speed of 30 km/h (19 mph) at only 4.7 kg (10.4 lb.), it’s a veritable powerhouse for its size. But glide is not only a question of speed. Every little detail counts. The […]